A delayed arrival at the pool this morning. A surprise Wivenhoe Forum Committee Con-flab along the Trail delayed me slightly. All fine, Madam :blush:

And then a quick round the houses catch up in the entrance to the pool as I put the hyperlocal world to rights with another fine lady.

Which all meant that it was an absolute power swim ahead of scheduled work shifts back at base.

I’m no fan of poolside music, but it was good to hear Speak Like a Child - the one decent song on the aquatic loop - stuck on repeat.

It was a rare working day where both Anna and I were working from home. Occasionally a little crossover takes place, despite two very different work domains taking up our time.

I think that I managed to confuse Anna over her work’s use of Instagram; I think that I managed to confuse myself to be honest.

Rock ’n’ Roll luncheons RULE around here.

A stop / start working afternoon, with endless household admin during the breaks. It’s a full time job in itself trying to sort out a final bill from talktalk, booking a BT engineer and then searching for an elusive fridge hinge online.

I think that I ended up with Two Outta Three ‘Aint Bad.

And then it was time for the dentist - the best thing I can say is that the waiting room has the most delightful art deco fireplace.

A fun Monday, yeah?

The evening was spent publishing SE17 and SW9 content, with half an eye on the football.

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