An early morning King of Clap'ham Common run to start off Friday. Except my crown is slipping.

The Bright Young Things of SW4 were bouncing around the Common with a youthful zest that I mislaid sometime back in 1996.

Nice run though.

I wasn't surprised to see the Moscow State Circus pitched up on the Clap'ham South side. Every other week is Circus Week in SW4.

A quick shower back in SW8, and then the postcode hopper had the short walk to work in SW9. If it 'aint got an SW or SE in the postcode then I'm not getting out of bed for no one.

Not really...

There were no motivation issues required for Friday. The final day in any school ahead of a short break is always fun. Add in the GRIN factor that SW9 somehow has and I was in danger of smiling all the way through until after the half term break.

I confess to a bit of a John Redwood moment during the singing and signing assembly when Love Train started up. I think that I just about got through my um's and ah's. It was truly ACE to see some of the SEN pupils who find communication a problem letting it all go and enjoying themselves. PROPER inclusive education.

Other highlights in the day included a short session in the sensory room with bloody Enya playing, and then the major achievement of helping one young lady stroke the adopted school cat. She was previously petrified.


The school day came to a close with Year 7 designing a healthy sandwich food . I was so inspired with the chicken, mushroom and jam and croissant that I made one for myself back at base.

A weird window cleaning accident almost brought my weekend to an early close before it had even started. Limbo dancing four floors up along South Lambeth Road is not worth the vanity of clean windows.

Another floor man came round to give us a quote. I'm pretty hopeless at this. I just smile and offer to make them cups of tea.

And that was pretty much Friday.


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