An incredibly early start to Thursday was rewarded with the most majestic riding of the No.35 bus - The Route of KINGS, Comrades.

I blagged the top deck front seat, and was then treated to a cheapo view of London looking rather lovely.

Observing the hordes of early morning City workers criss-crossing the capital was like watching a scene from some long-lost film celebrating a love of London.

I even clocked a City Girl, suited and booted and also wearing the proud pink 'n' blue of the Dulwich.

Fine effort, Madam.

We're an inclusive lot down in the ComFast Chapter. So what if you were walking away from Transpontonia and heading towards propping up the capitalist system?

...said the bloke on top of the No.35 bus as he made his way to work.

My legs gave me a cycle envy twitch as I saw the peloton stream down the Walworth Road. It's not a site that you would have seen even five years ago. Sadly the Brompton was back in the flat and so I was bus bound.

And so SE17 destination reached and it was time for work.

Or rather play.

It's been a long old half term in SE17. The arrival of that nice Mr Ofsted last week has taken its toll on the staff.

Smiles were never in short supply on Thursday though.

I spent a little extra time with the Reception children. They are preparing for a parent's assembly on the last day of term. I was impressed with their singing and passion for shapes. Who knew that a dodecahedron could make such a playful rhyming word in a song for five year-olds?

The school itself had a most delightful aroma of cakes being baked throughout the day. A cake sale as taking place at chucking out time.

We're talking PROPER cakes here. No poncey cupcakes; fairy cakes, chocolate cake and some rather worried looking gingerbread men.

I walked back from SE17 to Sunny Stockwell later in the afternoon. I made a mental note of how this patch has changed so little in the past decade or so.

A few brutal new builds have appeared along Camberwell New Road, but that's about it.

A brief rendez vous with Wifey back in the flat, and then I attempted to put on my best poker face when receiving quotes for a new wooden floor and window shutters.

Sadly I'm no gambling man.

Work publishing occupied Thursday evening.

Plus an ACE Sunny Stockwell Lidl shop.

So there.

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