Another three in a bed and the little one said sort of morning swim.

It was all going... swimmingly, until two became three. I stood / swam my ground. I was polite, but I'm not one to be bullied out of the water.

Still came out buzzing off me tits though.

The Battle of the Builders was the soundtrack once again for the working morning. Builder 1 raised the stakes with a burst of the Pop Master Quiz on Radio 2. Builder 2 responded with some left of centre 6Music.

I trumped them both with Late Junction.


There is only so much of the Nu-Polish Folk Revival scene that one man can take.

Mid-morning was spent with the welcome visit from a hyperlocal politician.

Well I never.

I rather enjoyed our catch up. I had no idea about the 'slight disagreements' that seem to be preventing any substantial progress of late.

Plus I did enjoy the observation that my mp3 recorder is now serving the purpose as a 'substitute blogger' at localgov meets.

Never underestimate the power of putting EVERYTHING on the record, verbatim.

Play fairly, Comrades.

I worked the entire day on the settee. That's not as relaxing as it might first sound.

Builder 1 and Builder 2 have been banging around EVERYWHERE else all day. They're doing a fine job btw.

I was left stranded on the sofa, dealing with yet more browser woes.

I re-launched The Chronic Pt II later in the day. No particular reason - the modern interweb is there, the South London Sunny Colch punk rock DIY culture said just chuffing do it.

I still haven’t resolved the whole time / location shifting thing. I’m flitting and flirting between Sunny Stockwell and Sunny Colch with no regular pattern.

But I do feel that there is a space for some form of hyperlocal presence back in Sunny Colch. It will be scaled down, minimal - some may even call it agile.

I simply haven’t got time whenever I am back in the estuary wilds to commit to the same level of content that I was spunking out for The Chronic previously.

It will probably just be hyperlocal political stuff - and even then maybe just blog posts about Cabinet, Planning, Full Council etc.

I plan to tweet my arse off at localgov meets, and then bash out a brief blog post on the train journey back home.

It’s better than nothing.

With another round of BONKERS ‘election by thirds’ coming up again May, not to mention the General Election, I do feel that there is a need for keeping track of CBC and related issues.

I make no promises.

Just like the politicians.

And then an evening spent at CBC Full Council.

That went well.

Buggering off to Transpontonia tomorrow, Comrades.

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