Perfect running weather to start off Tuesday.


Wet rain.

Joining me for the plod was the wonderful Mtume and Juicy Fruit. Sometimes you have a song stuck in your head whilst pounding the mean streets of CO7. Other times and it's simply the bass loop that keeps on going round and round.

LOVE Mtume.

I doubt if the boys form the 2nd and 3rd Battalion of the Colchester Parachute Regiment had similar songs keeping them going whilst out running. I tried to keep up the pace with the proud purple T-shirts.

Not a chance.

Planning, chatting to Neil the very handy painter chap, and dashing in and out into the garden with wet washing took up most of the morning.

And then we had Dexy's with @RobertElms.


Yer man Kev was on top form. It's so fantastic to hear him sounding happy. Still at the top of his game as well.

I confess to having a bit of a She's Got a Wiggle work dance moment; the mad cat gave me a disgusting look.

A little deliberation followed mid-afternoon about the value in publishing the audio from a ahem recent localgov meet. It was decided not to. For now.

Firefox was an absolute fuck for the work shifts. Five browsers running separately (it's a work policy...) and each one requiring the painful process of updating before any widgets on the shop floor could be produced.


Much the same for an RSS feed that I am trying to generate. It should be such a simple (automated) process.


Seems that something is not quite right with one of my hosts.

I gave up on the football and spent the evening with Van Morrison instead.

Jack Straw on saxophone.

Well I never.

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