A run to start Sunday morning.

I was hopeful of a big bike ride, but the light rain suggested otherwise.

I feel like I've got one big ride left in my legs ahead of the winter season. I may just make it into town on the Brompton before the weather really turns.

The run was alright. It's amazing to think that ten years ago my days as a runner were apparently over. One seriously knackered knee, and then the onset of arthritis in the other knee year three years ago.

This was the turning point.

Madam Physio put me under an intensive daily stretching routine, an activity which still eats into half of my day.

The outcome though is that both knees seem to be miraculously back in working order.

I've picked up an Eastenders iPlayer habit along the way. You try getting through half an hour of stretching in solitude.

I spent the rest of the early morning setting up Yosemite on my iMac and MacBook Air. The download and installation were both smooth. The front end experience looked a little like... XP.

I'm sure that there are under the bonnet benefits.

Anna and I harvested the crop of chilis mid-morning. Half have ripened, half remain green.

We're quite pleased with the load, although the taste may be a little too strong for my liking.

I worked in total silence for the rest of the day. It was glorious.

The sun shone through into the office. My mind was completely focussed. The only regret was that I didn't get out to enjoy the fag end of these Golden Days.

In Small Online Success Steps News: I finally managed to resolve the @ifttt bug that was sending out two tweets whenever I take a lovely lido pic for m'tumblr blog: I had two @ifttt accounts.


I completed a TfL Vauxhall Station questionnaire later in the day. At least I tried to complete a TfL Vauxhall Station questionnaire...

The options were limeited, the questions were closed.

Do you feel safe at Vauxhall?

What would you like to see as a replacement at the station?

Do you want to bulldoze an iconic structure just so that a false 'public realm' can be built that TfL / Lambeth Council can then fill with pop-up boutiques that will sell absolute shite?

You get the idea.

Sadly it's all a done deal.

I LOVE that building :disappointed:

And then later in the evening and the news broke that Jack's in Sunny Stockwell has been bought by Sainsbury.

Don't mourn, gentrify...

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