A lane to myself for the morning swim. The sunlight bounced off the basin of the indoor pool, illuminating all the crap that has been allowed to build up.


Eyes left and the roly poly aqua aerobic ladies were giving it a pelvic thrust in the direction of my goggles.

I turned a blind eye and continued to observe the poolside crap.

A so so ride back to base. I’ve not been able to find my bicycling legs of late. I was on the road bike and was still weary of the slipping gears.

I gave it a little extra kick coming up Boundary Road. The cassette wheel remained unmoved.

Still want a new (ish) road bike, mind.

I passed the Pop Poet of this Parish along the final stretch. You will never see a more dignified late middle-aged aged man riding a bicycle.

I gave him a friendly CHAPEAU!

I think that the compliment was returned.

Cool as fuck, etc.

Little Stevie was the four-fer working soundtrack with yer man @RobertElms. I chuffing loved it and got far too emotional for 2:30 in the afternoon.

A skunking Funky Friday finished off the listening.

More work, more planning.

And then the pub.

Chin chin.

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