A morning of balance.

Attempting an ambitious responsive design for a work project Vs arseing around in the back of a Unix box for @LloyDavis’ latest Tuttle offshoot.

Trust me on the responsive thing. I’ve been asked to investigate the possibilities for one school.

Online design trends always remind me of football grounds post-Taylor. My beloved Notts County built a brilliant mechano ground around 1992. A decade later and it was dated.

The window for online design acceptance is currently a month at best. The trick is for me to roll out a responsive design as per the request, but with a back door escape, should we need it.

Maybe the Unix box is the solution, eh Lloyd?

Still having a few issues in maintaining the index file, but I will persist…

The Richard Dawson Question continued with Late Junction. I personally adore his music, although I can appreciate why others are not so keen.

Yer man Dickie did sound as little distorted however through my tinny headphones against the backdrop of Radio 2 blasting out from Nice Mr Builder Chap all day.

Radio sodding 2 and me will never be friends. ‘New releases’ from Pink Floyd, Simple Minds and chuffing Freddie and MJ.

No ta.

Instead I had @RobertElms and the Cover to Cover for the afternoon work shifts. I Believe When I Fall in Love, Little Stevie Vs Art Garfunkel.

Oh go away.

The referee should have stopped the fight before Garfunkel even got the chance to warble away.

But wait! What’s this?

Bloody Art won it.

Day shift woes: youtube has changed the back end. Again.

I swear Google does this just to keep an army of self-styled social media experts in gainful employment to help explain the continued changes.

Work tools down, and there was just enough time left in the golden autumnal estuary afternoon to give the garden a half decent hack.

It’s sprouted to become a bloody mess in the past couple of weeks. Usually we are very good and keeping on top of all the growth. Anna is the planter, I am the puller.

Takes two to tango, etc.

I poisoned the stump of the spiky tree that was chopped down two autumns ago. The cheeky little bugger had began to grow once again.

The big daisy things have bloomed for the last time this year. In the garden refuse bin they go.

And then I pulled up the roots of another spiky tree that was also felled two autumns past. The stump was removed at the time. It’s still bloody breeding from beyond the grave.

I crave for such personal fertility.

It’s a highly emotional task chopping down the garden of delights that didn’t quite get to show their full face this year. Joining the big daisy things in the sack was a couldn’t be arsed tomato plant (ta for coming, etc), a slug chomped rhubarb plant and enough rocket to stick up the arse of your least favourite person.

More, Sir?

And then it was out of the great wide open, and back online.

I’ve been having some interesting discussions throughout the day about #localgov scraping. If ahem a certain org can’t be arsed to have any online presence then why not let the residents do it for them?

Gosh. That reads all very much like the Co-operative Council twaddle. It certainly wasn’t intended to come across that way.

But I do love the idea of a localgov site that been digitally disrupted. Put something online that scrapes the content from the official site. The clone will look beautiful and will be responsive.

Extra layers of content can be added to help residents be better informed in the absence of any desire from up above to actually talk with the Little People.

Just as my enthusiasm was starting to be alerted, bloody dropbox threw a wobbler.

This was a weird one.

I’ve got folder in my set up that contains nothing but gpx files. Dropbox has been fine in updating this across devices.

Until today.

I couldn’t quite isolate what the exact issue was, but all of a sudden it wasn’t behaving.

The solution?

Ditch the gpx dropbox folder.

I think some online types might call this an agile way of working.

I still haven’t totally given up on the BT landline fuck up. I’ve deduced that the ring trip is taking place outside of the property. BT say that if this is the case then I probably won’t have to spunk out for the engineer call out.

That’s probably.

I think I’ll get the Unix box working first…

Last built: Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 3:11 AM

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