A frustrating day spent mainly talking to BT about why the landline isn’t working. I resolved this by giving up. It’s not often that I accept defeat on such issues, but when the bloody phone is only used about once a month anyway, then it’s time to let go.


Most of the morning was spent publishing content from SW9 and SE21. Plus a little planning about where we’re heading next over in SW9. I’ve got a few ideas for some some fairly major changes. Hopefully the school management team will approve.

Work shifts elsewhere, and then late in the afternoon and the call came through that the nice Mr Ofsted will be in SE17 over the next two days.


Sadly I won’t.

They’ll be fine…

I stuck with the SE17 locality and published my photos from the WWSI Walworth Road shoot with @richardgallon.

We pretty much walked from one end to the other together on Saturday. I still love the variation that two different photographers can produce.

Basketball on British Eurosport 2 (blimey) rounded off Wednesday. London Lions lost, but it was good to see the old boy Rod Brown showing that he is still a decent point guard.

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