Abandon swim!

No worries.

The dampness that greeted me on Tuesday morning saw a second day of no poolside action. Sorry, but my road bike 'aint getting wet for the sake of a quick splash up and down the fast lane.

And so a run instead.


I think that I've found my ideal distance in the 8km-ish Wivenhoe Waddle. The 5km of the @bwparkrun really pushes me. It's so short that you get dragged into a sprint, rather than a run.

8km is great. My time splits were pretty constant for Tuesday. I even managed a short sprint finish towards the end.

I asked for clarification early morning from Essex County Council on the bodged FoI for the Wivenhoe Cycle Path. We have the data from the public consultation; it would be decent now to see the internal report that apparently led towards the £750k decision.

The wording of my FoI deliberately asked to see the report, and NOT the consultation data that I already have.

And whaddya know: ECC pings back the consulation data.

I'm not sure if they are being provocative or just plain stupid.

Hurrah for @SophiaLooney to do a little bit of internal digging for me. Every #localgov set up needs a Sophia.

Lambeth's loss, etc...

And then I found myself having my feet being pampered in a foot spa before an electric drill was taken to my big toenail.

Not your average Tuesday morning.

Swimmers and lovers will be all too aware of my Big Toe Problem.

Aplogies for having to put up with the gruesome sight all summer. It has now been rectified, thanks to a rather pleasant trip to a local chirpodist.

I took the opportunity of being in town to pick up Anna's road bike that has had a service. A carbon frame, no receipt, and the rather friendly bicycle shop chap let me just walk out with it.

It felt smooth as I wheeled it along back to the train. I'm in the market for a new (ish) road bike myself. My bank account suggests that carbon sadly isn't an option.

The Battle of the Builders continued back at base.

It's a friendly battle.


We've got two different chaps working on two different projects. Builder 1 is a 6Music man; Builder 2 is more of a Radio 2 fella.

I put on the headphones as I settled down for the workshifts and did the Late Junction thing.

I came up for air at around 10pm, watched a bit of Spandau on ITV+1 and then... bed.

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