A rare walk through the Sunny Stockwell Conservation Area to start the working week.

Except it wasn't that sunny.


RAIN meant that this was a public transport day, rather than a Brompton Boy About Town day. Cycling in London in the bloody rain is thoroughly miserable.

My end destination was Somewhere in SE21, via the No. 3 bus. A quick cut through Groveway and I was within touching distance of Brixton Road and my bus rendez vous.

Despite living right on the doorstep of the conservation area, I very rarely venture into it.


Those houses...

The foggy Transpontine memory recalls Anna and I going to look at a flat there sometime around the turn of the Century - a phrase that always sounds preposterous whenever I type it.

It wasn't an an out of reach price back in '99 for a couple on a modest London income. It contained a private swimming pool.

The flat was incredibly pokey. We would have split up within the first month.

I did ponder this morning as to how much the flat now gets flogged on for.

Brixton was WET and so was the lido, natch, as the No. 3 went past.

Oh how I missed my morning dip on Monday.

The day was otherwise another blink and you'll miss it ACE school day. It started off with Jingle Bell Rock ('cos you can never begin your Christmas concert rehearsal too early...) and ended with a game of musical statues.

Some semi-serious maths work was somewhere in the middle.

I had an arsey journey on a Thameslink train later in the evening. I love the stretch that takes you through Loughborough Junction, the Elephant and then towards Blackfriars.

But the train bloody broke down just outside of Blackfriars. I could have lived with this if it were the more Transpontine window spotting friendly patch by all of the Elephant regeneration twaddle.

Cycling and DARTS were my TV relaxation friends for Monday evening.

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