I arrived chilled at the lido for my Sunday morning swim. Not a good start.

The hit and miss temperature board stated 14.8 degrees. This is significant for any winter swimmer. We have dipped below the magical 15 degrees. The following five months or so means two swimming hats, and then hope for the best.

I swam with @iciclepete. He does have an incredibly gracious breast stroke motion.

I put my head down for the crawl and splashed around like a bloody maniac to keep the cold away.

Twenty lengths later and it was time for some map exchanges with @oneeyedgrey. Yer man did rather well on the Pimlico charity shop circuit yesterday. He returned to Transpontonia with tales of Saville Row suits for under £100.

We plotted poolside specifically where I should be cycling off to. Somehow it didn't feel right setting off to buy a new whistle whilst wearing a pair of retro cycling tights.

But cycle off to Pimlico I did, arriving just before 11am.

Most of the charity shops had a midday opening.


No worries. I walked towards Victoria, and then back slightly off the poncey Pimlico beaten track and around the estates.

I have always been fascinated with this part of town. It makes the millionaires meets council estates of Sunny Stockwell seem like a slight mis-match on the economic barometer.

Pimlico does filthy rich rather well. This was why I was doing the charity shop circuit in SW1 and not along the Walworth Road.

Pockets of poverty can also still be seen around the edges of Pimlico.

Sadly no Saville Row suits could be seen, or even a designer winter coat which was also on my shopping list.

I cycled back down to Clap'ham and did a brief tour of the charity shop circuit of SW4. It was interesting to see how the prices dropped, and so did the quality.

Clap'ham: the poor man's Pimlico.


Mid-afternoon was taken up with some therapeutic gardening.

And relax.

It was supposed to take half an hour. Two hours later and I was just about done.

Sunny Stockwell gardening isn't helped by the hinderance of working the good of the SW8 land on a slope. You are either reaching up from the bowels of the basement flat, or bending down and showing half of South London your backside as you pull out the weeds.

I'm surprised no one tried to mount a bicycle in-between my bottom cheeks.

It was all very rewarding. I still have flashbacks to the Great Ivy Kill of October 2013.

Never again.

I'm happy to work the toil of the land for a couple of hours each month to keep the bugger back.

The Lidl lavenders are looking lovely as well. Hopefully they should survive the next five months or so.

And then it was cleaning and housework all the way. The builders / window fitters / plasterers have finally finished in Sunny Stockwell. The Big Clean Up is now underway.

And I'm knackered.

I finished off Sunday recording a brief piece for the Forward the Hamlet podcast.

Early to bed. A school day over in SE21 tomorrow.

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