6am and the first lido feeling of the season when you wake up and think: Mmm. What the chuffers am I doing?

As ever, the effort is all in the preparation. Once you arrive at the lovely lido then you have overcome the major hurdle.


And swim I did, in what was a very refreshing 15 degrees.

I had a slight panic for the first two lengths. I tried to catch my breath as the thickening water (seriously) took ahold of my body.

Plus I reluctantly became involved in a semi-serious pace keeping session with a fellow Icicle.

My heart rate soon calmed down. Twenty lengths later and I was grinning insanely. Still smiling now.

And then I was SW9 bound for a school day. Sending you off to school with the lido shivers has to be the best start to any working day. Bollocks to all of this Ready Brek glow nonsense.

@mutley69 did warn me back at the lido about the dangers of wearing braces for a school day.

"They'll hang you from them"

...was his wise words of wisdom.

"Sir, is it that you is wearing braces?"

...came the line of enquiry.

Of which there was really only one answer.

The clothing at least complimented some of the song choices for the lovely morning assembly. We'll Meet Again matched my style. Sadly not so for The O'Jays and Love Train which came up next.

I was introduced during the morning to the school cat. Ownership is not an issue - it never is with cats.

The handsome young chap has started to visit the school over the past few weeks and has been claiming pockets of extra territory each time.

I think that he quite enjoyed morning humanities.

And so did I.

I spent a little longer than I normally would in a science lesson. Actually I spent longer in a science lesson that I ever have during my time as a pupil back in the day.

I guess we're all still learning...

I finished Friday by making a fruit salad with some fun loving Year 7 pupils.

The idea of a double dip back at Lake Brockwell was floated. The summer season is still upon us - the lido doesn't revert to a winter timetable until the end of the month.

The South London sun was glorious late afternoon, but I was simply knakckered after putting in the lengths earlier.

I'll regret such a decision in a few weeks time.

Friday evening was spent back in the flat, mainly image editing and uploading video. I've pushed my iPhone to the max over the past couple of days and storage is becoming something of an issue.

A completely offline day awaits for Saturday.

There's talk of a pre-match meal of pie 'n' mash :blush:

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