A delightful start to the day with some conversation and podcast catching up. The eight minutes of the commute with @MatthewLinley is always time well spent. I think that we both know that time is limited - both in terms of travel and the wider picture of... life.

So much to cram in, not enough time.

This morning we managed to hold in-depth discussions on educational attainment, scaffolding and why KP is such an arse.

And then it was podcast catch up time.

I simply love the idea that MY South London is delivered to me every week via a selection of ever increasingly professional podcasts.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is perfection personified. He also just happens to tread in the exact same Sunny Stockwell footsteps as myself. Hearing him Tell It Like It Is around SW8 each week is always a delight.

I particularly liked the reference to the Urinating Dwarf of Stockwell.

Forward the Hamlet would have been unthinkable even two years ago. A fortnightly podcast dedicated to Dulwich Hamlet. It's the type of recording that has an almost fireside listening feel.

The big boys of the Premier League can only dream of producing something that connects the club with the community.

And then finally a short burst of @SLHC to complete the commute, another production from the Hold Fast Network.

I do love the niche that you can discover with podcasts. For some unknown reason the medium is incredibly strong around Transpontonia right now.

The final stretch of the commute was a weird cycle down the Walworth Road. Yep - even weirder than usual.

The final foundations of the Heygate are hanging on as a final reminder as to the strength of this still proud community. I like to think that Lend Lease will have the same structural problems in removing them that also inflicts the utter failure to remove the red coat of paint that still sits on the front door of John Smith House on the other side of the road.

The working day was somehow slightly rushed.

I did everything that I usually do, and all at the same pace as well.

I found that come late afternoon and I was way behind schedule.


I tried to delay my departure, but an appointment with a handy man over at the Oval couldn't be put off.

I cycled through sunshine, rain and then brilliant sunshine once again in the short journey from SE17 to SW8.

The fridge thing was a real fuck up.

Nothing to do with the incredibly handy handyman, but more my inability to actually buy the right replacement part.

The clock was counting down and time is money in the world of handy men on mopeds.

I cycled off around the Stockwell / Vauxhall / Oval Triangle of Intrigue in vague search of the correct part.

I had to accept defeat.

Hey hoe.

The handy handyman very kindly only charge me for half of his time.

Online catch ups, GIMP editing and a half-arsed interest in the England football match finished Thursday.

LIDO day tomorrow :blush:

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