A big Brixton Buzz story to start the day with the breaking up of Lambeth Living, the Arms Length Management Organisation. This genuinely surprised me. It is the reverse ferret of current council policy which is to pimp out public services to the private sector.

I turned it around in under ten minutes. No cut and paste effort, either.

Not bad.

Maybe I should treat all stories as breaking and apply the same urgency to bash them out.

Most of Tuesday was then spent either on work shifts or Wordpress template searching.

I’m still not entirely happen with my school sites.

Well, that’s not true.

I rather like the simplicity. I’m getting the impression that various clients don’t.

Hey hoe.

I could whack over a fancy responsive theme tomorrow and job’s a good ‘un.

But for how long?

Six months max before parallax slips slides off the modern interweb in the same way as sliders?

Maybe fargo.io is the solution…

I spent the early evening listening to the KP story play out on 5Live. It was fascinating listening.

The conclusion rolled out by many commentators today has been that no one has come out particularly well with this whole sorry saga this summer.

You can’t really disagree with that.

I’ve still got a soft spot for KP, even if he does owe Surrey a bloody good knock.

…assuming he ever get to bat for the ‘rrey again.

My brief Genesis flirtation abruptly came to an end late in the day. I dared to venture back beyond 1980.


No ta.

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