An 8am work shift, so no time for a swim. No worries - I’ll do a runner instead.

It’s not a great time to be pounding the mean streets of C07 to be honest. The one road in, one road out (sorta) infrastructure means that the car commuters are speeding past you as you try and pace yourself.

I’m not obsessive about running splits, but I was pleased with my data from Tuesday morning.

Just under 42 minutes for the 8.1km run. A PB - well, a PB ever since I started to record this route.

A completely random work fact: I had the need to do some research on Birmingham City Council first thing. I was astonished to find that the council chamber is made up of 120 Cllrs.


How does that even work?

Imagine the intrigue as the external and internal party splits start to take shape. Plus oh woe the life of a whip.

Betcha it makes hyperlocal blogging good fun…

Mad cat flea treatment and bicycle servicing arrangements then broke up the working morning. One had superb customer service, whilst the other was piss poor.

Take yer guesses as to who was YAY, and who was NAY.

Work was WOH.

Systems and about systems about systems.

Plus process and protocol.

I hate it when various tech tools force you to upgrade. It’s all about efficiency. I calculated that I lost around 45 minutes over the luncheon period, simply through being pushed to one side with no other tech solution than to upgrade to a tool, which will swallow up more of my already hard pushed CPU time.


Thank heavens for Sexual Healing which brought a smile and a slight foot shuffle throughout the whole process.

Full on work shifts through until early evening, and then football.

I dozed off during the second half…

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