If you sleep with dogs then you will catch fleas. Or even if you sleep with a cat.

Naughty Murphie, naughty girl.

So yeah, the mad cat has fleas. This was confirmed when we saw the small eggs starting to appear around the house. Plus the sight of one of the blood suckers jumping out from her fur and on to my best Brixton Cycles lycra top.

And so an early morning of frantic cleaning and hoovering every inch of the house.

Murphie slept through it all.

The current slight Spandau fixation continued throughout the morning. I got bored with the Late Junction excessive jazz. I dared to venture to Once More, and the dark territory of the comeback album.

But this is simply some reworkings of old Spandau songs. It’s really quite good.

Track such as To Cut a Long Story and Musclebound are great songs, but the original New Romantic pretensions haven’t really stood the test of time.

Once More adds a… contemporary theme.

I found myself singing away to try and scare away the fleas.

And then work.

Endless work.

Knackered, but all good :blush:

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