A most graceful start to Friday. Well I thought so anyway.

My movements through the tepid waters of Lake Brockwell took on a dance like form. I was elegant, making the all important body to water impact with the least amount of friction.

Swimming has never felt this good.

Maybe that's just the lovely lido Friday feeling when all around you are behaving slightly BONKERS?

I departed the waters to an emerging red sky illuminating the park.

It was poetic.

I sat poolside for a few moments to compose my prose. I was interrupted by the sight of @mutley69 and some dry diving practise.

What a fella! If you thought that my ballerina-esque beautiful swimming routine was elegant, then you should watch the way that he cuts through the water with a dry dive.

I was invited to join in, but I've had a few shreddie malfunctions of late with my Speedos slipping down a rung each time I attempt a dive.

Time and tide as ever cut short all of this lido high jinx. I cycled back through Brixton, Sunny Stockwell bound for a day at the always entertaining SW9 school.

As ever, I'm not quite sure where the school day went. It started with an ACE What a Wonderful Word rendition during the singing and signing assembly. It ended with composing an email to a fictional farmer to thank her for showing us how to milk the cows.

Stick that, corporate types.

Back in the estuary wilds and I arrived to find fleas.

I did comment to Anna earlier in the week that the mad cat has been scratch mental, even more so than usual.

She didn't catch them off me, by the way.

We watched Robinson in Space for the second consecutive Friday to round off the working week.

Those boys don't half get around.


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