A return to Transpontonia for a weekend of work.

This was the first roll out with my new Brompton set up - a front carrying bag, and then the cheapo Taiwan import of a rear bag.

My tech bag was simply getting too big. Too many work toys to carry around, plus the odd wetsuit or two. And so I upgraded with a rear bag.

I then I went and scaled down my way of working and ditched half the tools in the tech bag.


Still, it was nice to cycle over all the potholes on the London Bridge to Elephant stretch without the constant worry of losing a spoke under the sheer weight of the front carrier.

I did afford myself a slight chuckle when I saw a lycra lad doing the classic stationary cleat fall at some lights just outside of Borough.

No worries, fella. We've all been there before.

And then a busy, busy SE17 day.

This was the first time that I met the new Nursery starters. They were of course absolutely delightful. They even volunteered to sing a Cantonese version of Twinkle, Twinkle just for my video camera.

Other highlights included a thoughtful Year 5 Rosh Hashanah assembly. I love the way that the very thoughtful Y5 teacher always adds in some drama to these assemblies to put the message across.

A very decent lunchtime catch up with a very decent old friend. We rarely get these opportunities in a school environment as everyone is running around ahead trying to keep on top of the timetable.

Tech wise and it was all wonderful. I can't believe that I persisted with such dated ways of working for so long.

GIMP did the business for me with the images. Photoshop Lite it may be, but it's good to scale down and de-clutter your processes.

My iPhone battery just about lasted the day after some industrial usage recording video and audio.

I was in need of a wind down on leaving SE17 - and whaddya know, I had just the right location in mind.

The lovely lido is ACE at this time of year. The summer crowds have long since swam off elsewhere, taking the sun cream stained water along with them. The water temperature is back down to a more pleasing 16.9 degrees. I long for single figures once again :blush:

Twelve lengths gave me the kick that I needed. I started to finish off my lengths once again, rather than just drift the last couple of metres or so. Being stationary for too long in this temperature starts to take its toll.

It was great to see the familiar face (and incredibly muscular body) of Casey swimming in the adjacent lane. This could have been any beautiful Brockwell moment from the past two decades.

And then it was back to Sunny Stockwell for some moonlight gardening. The cheapo Lidl lavenders are performing rather well. We'll be rivalling Vauxhall Park by this time next year.

Same again tomorrow.

Golden Days.

Sort of.

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