Some mornings are meant for running. You have an excess of energy in your legs waiting to be released, and you long for the freedom of an open run in which to gather your thoughts ahead of the working day.

Or perhaps you just wake up, observe the damp conditions and think I'll be buggered if I'm taking my Brompton out, all for a bloody swim in a restricted swimming space.

And so a run it was on Wednesday morning.

I rather enjoyed it.

No variance in route - or pace. I'm still at the slightly tender coming back from injury phase, although which particular injury, I'm not quite sure.

I seem to have been crocked for the past decade.

I'm building up to the estuary exploration 15km of a route. But not on a Wednesday morning...

Worldwide All Winners was the rather wonderful working soundtrack. That and some industrial beats from the builders who started work round at the back.

I half-heartedly watched Forest whilst tapping away myself in the evening. Away games down at Spuz use to be a regular highlight back in the day. Des Walker Vs Gary Linker became something of a titanic struggle.

I recognised one Forest player on show at the Lane this evening. I even denied this knowledge when the full time whistle was blown.

A busy old day over in Transpontonia awaits for tomorrow.

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