Take Two for the scaffolding ERECTION on Tuesday morning. An 8am start, and then come mid-afternoon and it was all standing to attention. All we need now is a team of builders…

I had told Anna to stay well clear of it and leave it the experts. I couldn’t resist a cheeky climb though to admire the view.

My vertigo set in about ten metres up. I realised that I am best suited chained to the desk, and not the world of DIY.

Speaking of which - works shifts, and then more of the same. I was working across a number of different clients today. The variety is good, but the different policies and peculiarities for each company can be confusing.

I spent the early evening trying to get my head around GIMP. Having been a heavy Photoshop user for the past decade, the arrival of the new MacBook Air was the signal for a switch.

There’s no way I’m paying for an Adobe subscription just so that I can carry out some rather basic batch commands on a given photo set.

GIMP would see me right.

Won’t it?

What a bloody beast. I came close to quitting and going in search of a Warez version of Photoshop. Plus the online documentation for GIMP is appalling - although this is nothing new when it comes to open source software.

And then finally I cracked it - GIMP, not the Warez.

I found a batch manipulation plugin that will allow me to sharpen, set the auto-levels and re-size at the stroke of a command.

I tested the efficiency of the colour saturation on a number of recent work photos. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

So now that’s video and images sorted when it comes to streamlining my online way of working. I’ve calculated that I’ve saved myself around an hour for each set of 30 or so snaps that I would have manually processed with Photoshop. Letting go of the individual control is the price that you pay for efficient productivity.

I had a few edits to make to some school sites later in the evening. The staff lists were in need of some unexpected changes.

It was all very mechanical, but you simply can’t delete the contribution of some staff members with a simple online deletion.

Tuesday came to a close with a sudden desire to play The Coral. The first album remains magical. You can’t go wrong with a day that starts off with scaffolding, and ends with a sea shanty.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 4:14 PM. Don't slam the door on the way out.