Oh the folly of the fast lane. Four abreast for the morning swim, all walking, all talking.

What is this? Light recreation?

I waited poolside for a body bypass. As soon as a gap became available, I was water bound and on a power swim.

The arms were a little wild, but the legs anchored it together. An angry swim every morning ‘aint great; it’s good to occasionally release the fast lane folly through the art form of front crawl though.

Back in the changing rooms and the mood wasn’t exactly lifted by the music. A tinny speaker screeched out the already tinny vocals from M People; the aerobic boys and girls were WHOOPING it in the studio next door, and bloody Ed Balls was on the changing room TV auditioning to become a right wing Tory.

I’ve had better starts to the day.

A day of work shifts from home followed whilst waiting for the scaffolding man to arrive. Nothing was erected by the end of the day.

I had a strange Spandau fixation after Gary Kemp and Steve Norman were guests with yer man Robert Elms. I wouldn’t quite say that I’m ready for a reappraisal, but I am looking forward to the new film.

We published another fireworks story over on Brixton Buzz later in the day. The more this story unravels then the more farcical it becomes.

METROKNOBBERS was edited and published later in the evening. A little lengthy, but Darryl and I had a lot to catch up on.

The Forest phone in, football and a spot of Photoshop exploration finished off the happy Monday.

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