A splendid weekend in the country.

An estuary downpour derailed the planned early morning ride.

Hey hoe.

A little bit of admin, a little bit of blogging.

Mid-morning and we went to the Farmer's Market for the first time in what seems like an age. I'm usually back in Transpontonia when it takes place each month.

Some veg, MEAT and Colne Valley soap were all snaffled up.

The soap is amazing. It seems to last at least six months. Or maybe that's just my personal hygiene routine?

I had a lane to myself in the pool. Until Wifey gatecrashed.


The first swim since the start of the week. It took a while to find my rhythm, but I was rocking come the final few lengths.

Luncheon was taken up watching the cricket. I couldn't believe the score that Warwickshire were skittled out for when I first looked; the horlicks that Durham made of the run chase also raised some eyebrows later in the day.

And then it was all about the Brightlingsea BOOZE walk.

The bushes were heavy with fruit. Anna was occupied in filling tuppaware en route with the delights of Mother Nature. I was on photo duty.

There was a heavy estuary mist engulfing all around, even at around 3pm. It was slightly eerie, yet utterly tranquil.

I did unleash a FUCK YEAH out into the country landscape when I checked the #dhfc score.

And so a delayed arrival in Brightlingsea, with a rucksack full of rosehips and an SD card full of snaps.

We had time for a couple of pints of Colchester Pale Ale in the always excellent Railway, before the bus back to base honked at us from across the road.

Further cricket finished the evening with the Champions League over on Eurosport.

Cycling, garden hacking and #METROKNOBBERS for Sunday.

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