The free flowing mucus from my nasal passage still wasn't quite ready to inflict itself on the early morning swimmers.

And so a Friday morning run instead.

I felt strong, and could have continued for another fifteen minutes or so.

It occurred to me at the halfway point that this was the exact same route that I first started to run some 24 years ago to the day.

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon etc.

And then a spot more image editing back at base. I’ve taken a bold decision: bugger Photoshop.

Well, not quite.

As part of my new ways of working (i.e. getting offline and getting out) I’m trying to scale back the time it takes me to achieve anything online.

Video and audio have both been streamlined. The beast that is image editing is in drastic need of addressing.

I can spend an entire train journey from South London back to the estuary wilds just editing two dozen or so photos captured during the school day. This needs to change.

I don’t even execute an awful lot of extra commands - a spot of sharpening, adjusting of the levels, cropping and possibly making some wonky lines a little straighter. Plus plenty of re-sizing.

I have been batch editing for some of these commands, but not all. The photo perfectionist within (ha!) just won’t let go.

Until now.

I spent Friday morning setting up a PS script that will sharpen, adjust levels and re-size with the swipe of a command. It’s not perfect, but it is a compromise worth paying as my work takes on increasing numbers of images that need to be processed.

I’ll probably stick with the individual file editing for m’photoblog, but everything else has to be scaled back.

It was quite an emancipatory moment.

So that’s video, audio and images sorted. Anyone know a short cut to bashing out 2,000 words on school curriculum activities that won’t take half the morning?

Elsewhere and the #LateJunction working morning was a little too… jazz for my liking. It does aid productivity rather well though.

Out with the old, in with the Nu Jazz. Gilles Peterson brought as smile to my face for the afternoon shifts and a Funky Friday feel.

I was stuck indoors all afternoon on work shifts, just as the earlier estuary rain was evaporating with a hot, sticky afternoon evolving. Perfect for putting in the miles.

Tools downed at 7pm, and then it was too dark to ride.


We plan to make up for it over the weekend with a couple of serious Rides of the Falling Leaves.

A brief Quayside walk instead, and then all back to mine for Robinson in Space.


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