Another morning away from the water. The sneezing fit has now become a chesty cough. I have enough issues in alternating my swimming breathing technique with a fully fit body.

And so an early morning walk in the garden instead.

Phew, rock ’n’ roll etc.

I picked as many tomatoes as I could carry. I’ve yet to reach the peak tom tom stage, as was the case mid-summer with the bloody raspberries. Slow cooked tomatoes served with parmesan is a current fave.

A little bit of admin, a little bit of photo editing.

And then I settled down for the afternoon shifts.

I accidentally listened to Richard Bacon on 5Live, not something that I would normally do.

No worries. By pure chance one of his guests was Bernard Sumner. It was uneasy, but rewarding listening.

Bernard sounded a little unsure at first, not helped by Bacon’s interview technique of making the conversation all about himself.

Rather clumsily he was cornered into talking about Ian Curtis. Without prompt, this then became incredibly personal. It was compulsive, yet painful listening.

There wasn’t a happy ending either, with the interview wrapping up with what appears to be the end of the Peter Hook relationship.

New Order are one of the few bands that I obsess over at random periods. I haven’t played anything in probably over five years, weary of how the various factions are currently treading water.

I turned off 5Live and immediately fired up Low Life, my favourite New Order album.

It sounded absolutely ACE, albeit a little tinny through my digital set up, rather than the rich analogue system from back in the day.

Fresh, rhythmic and full of ideas.

A bit like me after my late afternoon bicycle ride…

I finally caught up with the Tour of GB London highlights later in the evening, and then settled down to watch Jens Voigt put himself through hell at le velo.

What a man!


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