A missed swimming morning. I woke up drowning in bogies rather than blue water. Not nice for any others swimmers.

My days never feel complete if I miss a morning in the water. I took an extra long shower to compensate.

The Brixton Buzz scoop on the Brockwell Park fireworks was published early morning. I kinda get the need for Lambeth Council to charge for the display for the time time. It’s a little mean though to position the fireworks in the park so that they are only visible to the £7 ticket holders.

No surprises that a ‘few legal exchanges’ then took place. I don’t find it very transparent when #localgov sends out a policy document to selected local groups asking for comment. You then share this, and all of a sudden copyright is claimed by the Comrades.

We were threatened with legal action unless we removed a document that was inviting feedback. We were also advised that if we wanted to see the document (which we already had a copy of…) then we would have to submit an FoI.

This request was then duly slapped in, all at at a cost of course to service the FoI.


Hey hoe.

We did get a nice slight reprise out of the story later in the day when the fragrant Dame Tessa Jowell has a pop at Boris for charging for fireworks.


I then spent most of the morning publishing Turney content from Monday. My new ways of working for the school year is throwing up some pleasant surprises. A slight site redesign, and all of a sudden I’ve got more space to play around with for headlines.


I had a slight issue with Wordpress forcing a link to any original image that I uploaded via the Media Library. I don’t want this. I just want a static image, as is the case with the old ftp way of working.

A bit of hacking around here and there and it was removed.

An afternoon of work shifts followed. The plan was to spend it in the company of @surreycricket.

But come 3:30pm on Day 3 of a Championship match and it was stumps.

Winter well. Winter well…

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