Back from Transpontonia to find a new (ish) shed and some new decking.

Well I never.

I celebrated by giving the old garden bench a good scrub.

Phew. Rock ’n’ roll, etc

I re-homed a spider first thing on Tuesday morning. Not intentionally - the eight-legged friend was an unexpected guest sitting on the handlebars of my MTB as I cycled off to the pool.

And so one end of the Trail down to the other. If only human home manouvres were so simple.

It was a so so swim. The onset of an autumnal lido cold is catching up on me.

Oh woe is me, etc.

Six solid hours of work shifts followed, just as the estuary Indian Summer started to infiltrate the office.

It’s all good. It buys time to play later in the week.

I got round to publishing the content from Friday at Lansdowne later in the evening.

And then bashed out what is a bloody good Brixton Buzz scoop that is being published tomorrow morning.

Fireworks up their arse, etc.

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