A camp start to Monday in the changing rooms of the lovely lido. The world would be a better place if the start of every working week witnessed such gay abandon.

The 8:30am conversation somehow stumbled on The Floaters and Float On. This was the cue for the happy campers in the gents to perform a Brockwell Icicles cover version.

Pisces. And my name is Jase. I like a woman / man / whatever that can double dip with me after a dry diving session.

My contribution was perhaps the more refined.

The swim itself was short but functional.

Straight outta the pool and straight into a Monday morning singing and signing assembly over in SE21. A round robin rendition of Frere Jacques soon saw off my Lake Brockwell shivers.

And then a bit of a mad day running around, playing with the ACE kids and collecting as much content as possible.

I had the usual online jitters when the school website was pulled up in front of some rather important people.

Yep. Still there.


I wasted around 15 minutes in the day remembering how to use XP.


A day of publishing awaits for Tuesday.

Float on, float on.

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