Dark skies for the first time this weekend down at the lovely lido. The water still managed to find some South London sunshine as the reflections danced along the basin of the pool.

Only a short dip, with ambitious plans scheduled in for the rest of the day. I did a power swim of twelve lengths, and then hung around for a few social catch ups.

@oneeyegrey and I witnessed the sad sight of a pigeon mutilation down by the deep end.

A couple of crows (I think?) corned the hapless pigeon and set about pecking his eyes out.

I had no idea that this lack of brotherhood existed in the feathery kingdom.

Yer man and I were feeling a little helpless. We thought about intervention, but it was too late.

A lido lifeguard was at hand to investigate.

He kicked the pigeon.

Yep. That's a dead pigeon.

Hey hoe.

I could think of worst places in which to draw your last breath.

I cycled the short distance from the lido to le velo. The occasion was the Dave Creasy 6 - a memorial meet to remember the legendary Keeper of the Keys down at Herne Hill.

It was fantastic.

The style of the meet was very much of a Belgium classic: continental beers, Madison slingshots and cheesy Europop.

Plus the BONKERS bicycle jumble sale. I came away with a ridiculous looking pair of over shoes for the winter months on the road ahead.

I left around luncheon and made my way back over to Brixton. The now annual Brixton Bolt running race was on my Brixton Buzz radar.

Not a massive crowd, but this was an ACE local event with the old and Nu Brixton showing that things can work out together if you add a little fun into the occasion.

There was some VERY SERIOUS male athletes.

I left South London and cycled up to Tower Hill to catch the closing stages of the Tour of GB. I knew that I would miss the time trial, but stuck around for the ten lap sprint.

I had plans to see what it was like over in Westminster, but the Tower Hill vantage point proved too good to give up.

And then an evening of school work.

Back in SE21 tomorrow...

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