I managed to lug my aching limbs around Brockwell Park for my first @bwparkrun in a couple of months. The intention was just to get round. I actually rather enjoyed it.

Joining me for the majority of the 5km was a 12-13 year-old yoof. I have long since accepted that my best running years are well behind meith but to be taken on the climbs of Brockwell by a teenager..?

His running style was raw, but he had plenty of talent. There was one minute bursts of absolute sprinting, followed by a minute of walking to recover. No consistency, but that will come.

I met up with Madam Pacemaker at the finish line.

Obviously not doing her job...

The Brockwell Icicles provided me with some procrastination time ahead of the post-run recovery in the lovely lido. The weekend cake offering looked delightful, but had to be turned down.

Only 12 lengths of the waters of Lake Brockwell this morning. I was joined by Marcus, also putting in a light swim ahead of his 10km swimming race tomorrow.


Not much else to observe in the pool, apart from a WEIRD swimming technique from one of the rubber clad Windrush Triathlon members.

It was a hybrid of breaststroke and a front crawl. The front did the breastroke action, whilst the legs kicked away from behind.

I wouldn't fancy attempting that technique for 10km in the water.

Some household duties back at base, and then I made the short walk over to Larkhall Park for the ACE Stockwell Festival.

This remains pretty much the same as it did some fifteen years ago. Long may it continue.

As the name suggests, it's a very local affair. The mass crowds of the Lambeth Country Show aren't present, but the passion and belief in the local area is strong.

I stayed around for a couple of hours, watching a few local acts on the Main stage, and looking at some of the local stalls.

And then it was time for a trip to Tuscany / Dulwich.

You can never start an FA Cup campaign too early; you can never finish one too early either if you are Dulwich.

This was simply a dire performance from the Hamlet. I really don't know what went wrong during the 3-0 home defeat to Worthing, a team in a league lower in the non-league pyramid.

Still, it was nice and sunny.

Some brief gardening whilst the sun was still shining in SW8, and then I had an evening of online school catch up time.

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