A brief dip in the waters of Lake Brockwell to start the morning. The pool is emptying of summer swimmers. Soon the lido will be ours for the winter months. Never underestimate the selfishness of the cold water swimmer.

Also never underestimate the BONKERS-ness of the Brockwell Icicles. Olympic Gliding was apparently on the agenda for Friday morning. It involved dry diving, and then... gliding, to see who could achieve the greatest distance without any propulsion.

I listened intently to @mutley69 in the gents as he convinced me that it use to be an Olympic sport.

The cold water does funny things to your levels of gullibility.

It got slightly grown up as I was toweling myself down and chatting the the lovely, lovely chappie from the Friends of Brockwell Park. He stated with some disdain that the Friends group hadn't been consulted by Lambeth Council on the plans to ticket and charge for the fireworks for the first time this year.

The Friends group is soon expected to take on the full management and responsibility for running the Beauty of Brockwell...

And then I was SW9 bound and straight into a Singing and Signing Assembly.

Sheer joy, plenty of enthusiasm and delightfully funny.

I haven't seen this set of pupils in over six weeks. Cliche, cliche etc, but, some of them have grown. Proper young adults.

I had a morning of drama with Country File role play. I thought that I was trying to escape all of this rural twaddle...

The Nu Work Processes continued. I turned around half a dozen videos before luncheon.

Happy with that.

I stopped of at the Lambeth Council Bicycle Fair in Windrush Square en route to the lido again. It wasn't rammed, but it was a worthwhile event.

I managed to get my Raleigh Twenty polished and cleaned by those very nice folk from the London Cycling Campaign.

I had a brief chap with the Brixton Cycle folk, and then signed up for an I Love Ldn Halloween ride.

I got to road test the newly polished Twenty on the short cycle over to the lido. The front lawn had been cut since my morning swim some eight hours earlier - probably for the final time this season.

This was a feeling that characterised the lido late in the afternoon on Friday. These Transpontine GOLDEN DAYS will soon come to an end - probably by the start of next week. To still be sitting outside sunbathing in an art deco pool just outside of Brixton in mid-September is absolutely glorious.

There was a lovely old school Brockwell blue feel to both the water and ambience. Plus some friendly, familiar faces from back in the day. It could have been the summer of 1995 all over again, apart from the aching body.

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