The first working day for me back in South London schools. I started with plenty of enthusiasm and departed with double this amount.

Seriously - that good.

I've spent the summer break pondering the various processes and tools that I use to create content in schools. It has largely been unchanged in over five years.


Time to freshen up.

The sites that I manage all had something of a slight makeover during the break. I also took the opportunity to think about how I go about my work, and how this can be improved.

And so today was all about putting it to the test.

The ethos remains pretty much the same - hit and run, and grab as much content as possible; worry (or not) about editing and publishing later.

The trouble of course is that six weeks away means that you have plenty of gossip to catch up on with a lovely, lovely bunch of folk who are more friends than work colleagues.

I managed to make it around all year groups, from the Nursery through to Year 6. I encountered ICT coding, mental maths and Misery Moo along the way.

I was pleased with my new working processes. Capturing video was a particular success. I'm shooting, editing and uploading on the fly with iMovie on my iPhone. I reckon it has saved me half an hour for each short video in the turnaround process.

I got a little bogged down in policy stuff towards the end of the day when my mind was drifting.

Getting there.

I stopped off late afternoon for a brief dip at the lovely lido. The water was still hovering above an implausible 20 degrees. You would expect something around 15 degrees for late September.

Time was against me with a rare Wifey Transpontine rendez vouz back in Sunny Stockwell. I managed ten lengths and then did a runner.

I was amazed to find that the radiators were turned on in the changing rooms.

Building work inspection and tidying up took up all of the evening.

I wonder if I can change the work processes of the builders?

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