Another whirlwind, whirlpool of a swim to start Wednesday.

The roly poly aquatic ladies were making waves in the adjacent lane. They shift a fair amount of water as they waddle around the pool.

The tide was with me heading upstream, but I was battling against the roly poly waves for the return leg.

I attempted some experimentation with my stroke to try and overcome this. I’ve always been in awe of any swimmer that can smoothly pull off the three strokes and then up for some air approach to swimming.

I took a little time out to recover in the Racist Spa. It’s good to know that the prejudice isn’t purely a skin colour thing. The Scottish Question was under discussion in the Racist Spa today. I made my excuses and left.

A lizard darted out in front of me for the bicycle journey back on the trail.

I couldn’t identify it, but UKIP are on the rise around these estuary parts, Comrades.

I played around a little more with @ifttt mid-morning. It’s a fantastic platform that has so much potential.

I love the simplicity of connecting services - the trick is for the user to become creative to make the modern interweb work for them.

I set up a simple recipe on Wednesday. Any incoming email from ahem a certain local authority Comms Team is then given a particular filter in gmail. @ifttt picks up on the filter and then triggers me a Twitter DM.


Betcha I’m on the booze whenever one of the big stories drops.

Policy and planning was up next.

It was a morning of publishing various policy updates across various school sites. The start of any new school year is always heavy with a grand policy re-think. You’d be surprised to see how popular these are. They are also statutory as well.

Work shifts elsewhere followed, all in the fine company of @surreycricket, plus a little luncheon break with the PMQ’s twaddle.

It was particularly painful listening this week with the love in between both the Neo-Cons of both Labour and the Tories.

Late afternoon brought Garden Gate News: I have a new one. Well, an old one that has been significantly patched up, re-hung and painted. I have never been so excited about a piece of wood.

Decking tomorrow, Comrades.

Contain yourself.

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