A tired morning swim to start the day. A definite plodding up and down. There’s probably someone blogging how the pasta-heavy laden lard arse was clogging up the fast lane with his lethargic technique.

At least I wasn’t walking, ladies.

Straight outta the pool and straight into the barber’s chair.


The Eyebrow Question was once again raised at the end of the trim:

“Would Sir like his eyebrows trimmed?”

Would he fuck.

I’ve given the same answer, to the same barber, every four weeks for the past four years.

I may be a man of routine, but I am most certainly not a man for eyebrow treatment.

A spot of forward diary planning followed. For most people this might involve family gatherings, work meetings or even anniversaries.

My diary is now up to date between now and the end of May with fixtures for Brixton Topcats, Streatham Redskins and the London Lions.

It got me thinking that South London is losing a lot of sport as a consequence of the 2012 legacy. British basketball will never return to Crystal Palace now that the Copper Box is an established building. Likewise Herne Hill Velo has already lost the Good Friday meet to Stratford.

This worries me.

Part of the attraction of lugging my backside up Central Hill to watch basketball was that it was a local club. You can’t say the same for a franchise playing out of East London (although the demise of the Towers took place long before 2012 legacy was ever on the agenda.)

Work, Gilles Peterson, Tour of GB, bed.

Have a good one.

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