I took the Trail for the first time in a while en route to the pool this morning. I was surprised to see that it was still wet.

I’ve fallen into the bike snob habit of not even rolling out on the MTB tank if there is any sign of surface water. But that’s a little defeatist, and something I need to get over.

Ride to live, live to ride.

But when it’s been raining…?

The swim itself was characterised by the Walkers, Talkers and Flippers.

The Walking Lady was doing her aquatic waddle thing. A couple of old boys clogged up the medium lane just chatting the morning away.

Meanwhile Miss Flipper was putting in the power lengths next to me, and making me feel rather inadequate with her rubber enhanced kicking action.

And here’s me for a feeling a fraud whilst wearing gloves in the lovely lido.

Back at base and the morning was spent ‘managing’ Neil, the ACE painter. Or maybe it was the other way around? The house is having a freshen up after taking four years of estuary winter weather beatings.

Anna was back in Sunny Stockwell managing the builders.

I know who got the better deal…

It wasn’t the mad cat who hid underneath the garden shed all day.

The poor dear.

A run of work shifts, and then I published METROKNOBBERS from yesterday. Listening back I thought that the contribution from @InsideCroydon worked really well.

Darry and I are keen to open up the hyperlocal Transpontine political podcasts to other hyperlocal Transpontine political types.

It’s a growing scene, Comrades…

I managed to escape for a late Bobby George roll out in the afternoon. No sign of the Great Man as I passed his house.

I was hit with a mouthful of flies, and almost a darting pheasant to my front wheel along one of the remote Tendring lanes.

Rather pleased with the 28.1kmh Strava output.

La Vuelta and the Tour of GB concluded the day.


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