Synchronised Lavenders and Lager

A head above water breaststroke start to Sunday down at the lovely lido.

I forgot to pack my goggles.


My pace was reduced by around 50%, but my enjoyment factor was immeasurable.

The lido historically has always been my pool of pleasure. It has been where I go to arse around, rather than do some serious swimming.

I noticed that sometime around 2007 and it became my serious swimming fitness pool. It's no coincidence that this transition coincided with the change in management to Fusion...

But swimming head above water breastroke is like a throwback to the wild abandon Brockwell days when I had nothing else to think about apart from how much home brew I could smuggle in.

I was able to look around at my surroundings and take in the beautiful Brockwell blue.

The water appeared slightly more choppy when compared to the usual freestyle head under water swim. I tried to focus on my breastroke, but it's not a style that suits me.

A quick shower, and then it was time for the debut performance of the Brockwell Mermaids, the newly formed synchronised swimming troupe down at the lido.

Oh Lordy.

This was as predictably BONKERS as we all thought that it would be. Eight women and three men, all looking pretty in pink and GURNING away to some bloody loud Abba on a Sunday morning.

It was absolutely brilliant.

I stopped off once again at Lidl en route back to the Sunny Stockwell base. The cycling gear from yesterday had more or less disappeared.

Sunday was all about being the Lavender King of SW8.

I was the first person in the store, and first to walk out with SIX trays of lavender.

We're still planning on replicating the Vauxhall Lavender Garden for the front. I did get a strange look from the Lidl chap - if it's not lycra then it's lavender that I'm clearing off the shelves.

The rest of the day was spent on the piss in the pavilion.

Duplication is over-rated. And so are Surrey right now.

Lookey lookey over here.

I did manage some drunken gardening after I staggered back to base. The lavenders were planted, almost in homage to the beautiful patterns being created by the Brockwell Mermaids earlier in the day.

I think that I planted some potatoes as well.

Will they grow into chips by tomorrow morning?

Drunken gardening RULES.

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