Lidl, Lido, Luvvies

An early morning Lidl Cycle Fest for Saturday. I simply LOVE it when Lidl has a flash cycling sale.

Of course it's not a flash sale in the same way that a branded Boxpark established chain will manufacture some crappy online campaign and call it a wacky flash sale.

Lidl simply get a load of cycling / gardening / rubber fetish stock in, and then flog it off as quickly as possible.

If you manage to make it to one of the stores just as the stock is being put on display then you have hit Lidl GOLD.

I managed such a feat in Sunny Stockwell early on Saturday morning. I proudly walked out with a tramp pump, long sleeve lycra, a gilet (a GILET!) and a pair of cycling specs. I still had change from a £20 note.


I was so impressed that I then cycled down the road to Acre Lane to see if I could pilfer any further goodies from the Brixton branch.

No such luck. The SW9 stock had already been lifted.

I then made my way to Brockwell Park. I was aware that some corporate fest was scheduled to take place, but I had no intention of attending.

Oatley were the corporate Kings cashing in on the Nu Brixton... buzz. They basically make milk that isn't milk. The strapline is Wot No Cows?

A small section of the park had been fenced off with a mini-fest (a break-fest if you will...) taking place.

The lure of free smoothies and mango juice proved too tempting. I took the corporate shilling, smiled, and tried to walk out with as much freebie juice as I could conceal in my new gilet (a GILET!)

It was actually shhh rather lovely.

Just like the lido, which was my next stop for Saturday morning.

The pool temperature is back up to 19.5 degrees. Give it the first week of the new school term and we'll be back down to 15 degrees.

Frostalgia 'aint what is use to be, Comrades.

A lilting sun lit up my swim. It was trying to burn through the Transpontine clouds as I put the lengths in.

I had another of those all too common lido moments of not knowing if it was a bird or a plane overhead.

I LOVE outdoor swimming.

Twenty lengths later and I was starting to tire. My body was also hovering on the slightly shaky side, something of a first for the post-summer season.

I noticed a breastroking lady enthusiastically making up time on me in the same lane.


She didn't look like an Olympic swimmer from appearances, but boy (girl) she was giving it some.

I then clocked that she was swimming freestyle for the first forty yards of each length, and then dipping into breastroke for the final ten.


I was finished, and took up a poolside position to encourage a little more lilt from the South London sun.

The lido was absolutely empty when I left.

A few errands around Brixton, and then an afternoon or urban gardening - my favourite kind. It's the most social of outdoor activities. I feel like I've said HELLOOO to half of Sunny Stockwell this afternoon.

I'm determined not to let the front garden fall into a state of disrepair once again. Spending a month of Sundays at the start of the year fighting back the growth is my inspiration.

I live in perpetual fear of ivy. It ALWAYS must die, even the first few shoots as was the case on Saturday afternoon.

For one moment I transported back to 1999 with the sound of Concorde thundering over South Lambeth Road once again.

I wish.

Either planes have got a lot louder, or my hearing has improved over the past decade or so.

The evening was spent Bankside at The Globe. No surprises that I got confused with a Comedy of Errors within the first half hour.

It was a romp of a production, and one that I will try and blog about as I sober up from an afternoon on the piss in the Pavilion with @surreycricket tomorrow.

C'mon the 'rrey!

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