FoI Friday

A BIG swim to start the day. My body needed it.

Ow woe is me etc, but my early morning body aches have been building up over the past few weeks. The only way to stretch them out is to swim.

I started off slowly and then built up my speed. Fifty lengths later and it was time rather than tedium that cut short the swim.

There was something of a mini Ride of the Falling Leaves for the short cycle back to base.

It was the same for the supermarket sweep gardening session ahead of the work shifts. I had half an hour in which to make an unloved garden look half-decent.

The first leaves are starting to drop off the unknown wall climber thing that I can never be arsed to either look up or even trim.

It turns a glorious deep red around mid-Setember, should the leaves manages to remain intact up until then.

I sailed through a day of work shifts with Trojan Dub. I could feel the bass on the floorboards as I went about my business. I think that the neighbours could feel it as well.

A couple of Brixton Buzz stories were bashed out. One about syncronised swimming at the lovely lido on Sunday; a second all about an uprising at Lambeth Town Hall.

Well I never.

Late afternoon and my FoI from ECC came in, just in time to meet the legal requirement.

It’s data heavy as requested. I don’t think that it will tell us anything of great value, apart from tallying up the results from the public consultation with all the puff that the politicians have been putting out.

This form of data release really shouldn’t be left to the folly of an FoI. The consultation ended last year. It’s WEIRD that it’s taken an FoI to finally release the data.

A late bicycle ride saw us chasing down the setting sun.

Predictably BOOZE and cricket completed the week.

Transpontonia tomorrow, Comrades :blush:

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