Thursday Thoughts

Another morning spent planning on how to streamline.

I’ve been thinking a lot of late about how I approach online / offline projects. There’s probably a clue in to where I think I can improve my way of working when I say ‘thinking…’

The problem is never one of finding content to capture, be it in a work situation or a social one; the issue is the backlog of publishing back at base.

Can’t you just tell that I have been thinking perhaps a little too much?

Never underestimate the time it will take you to edit and publish online content.

As with all modern interweb brainwaves, the solution presented itself to me on Thursday morning whilst cleaning the toilet.

Just go out there and capture stuff whilst it is there.

Don’t even fret about the publishing. If it appears online then great. If not then at least you will have the video / audio / images archived away on your hard drive for historical purposes.

Driving all of this is the turnaround it takes me when working in a school. It is very much a hit and run process of capturing content, moving on, then being bogged down in publishing back at base.

I’ve been aware over the years that I tend to make decisions whilst in a school as to where my work for the rest of the day will take me, depending on the time it will take to publish.

This is completely wrong. If any working environment lends itself to the ethos of capture it whilst you can, then it certainly has to be in a school.

And so I spent the early part of Thursday morning working out how I can cut some corners during the capturing process in order to gather as much possible content as possible. It may or may not later appear online. Having that choice to make at a later stage has to be a good thing.

No such future planning for the afternoon and evening of work shifts. I leave that to the lovely folk way above me in the online food chain.

In the absence of a holiday-ing @RobertElms, much of the working soundtrack for today was of a Brit funk variety.

I’m slowly working through the Kokomo back catalogue. It’s a lovely laid back fag end of summer vibe. They’re playing in the rock ’n’ roll enclave of Putney tomorrow night. I’m tempted to tag along.

We found out late in the day (and just in time for the Lambeth Council legal deadline) that our Planning Application has been approved.


It’s been pretty hellish to be honest. Any form of alteration in a Conservation Area ‘aint for the faint-hearted.

Work starts on Monday :blush:

It’s not quite When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease, time, but we’re getting there. BOOZE and the Essex Slappers with Anna completed the day.

The Slappers lost. BOOZE won.

Chin chin.

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