Planning, Repairing, Daggering

It’s the race against the clock to get everything ready for the new school term. It’s not so much the actual preparation for returning to schools per se (although I have yet to really set up my new MacBook) but more the general out of term tasks that I promised myself I would tick off before the return to school.

The hope was that the Stockwell flat would be pretty much ready ahead of the new term.

Hopes, dreams etc.

I did spent a little time today actually planning for the school year ahead. My three main work sites are dated. They need some freshening up, but not an overhaul.

I don’t think that the wonderful world of South London Schools are quite ready for a responsive cross-platform content delivery twaddle. And hurrah for that.

I still work in the same way that I did back in the day with @RichardGallon down in the ITN basement. I sketch out what I want, and then my man builds it.

Job’s a good ‘un, etc @pmmikes.

Thoughts then turned from the digital to the mechanical.

Enthused by my bicycle chain cleaning success earlier in the month, I doubled my mechanical skills with a slight readjustment to the gears. My MTB wasn’t finding the top gear. A few online tutorials later, and it all just about clicks into place.

Gonna build a carbon frame during the tea break tomorrow morning…

TMS commentary was the soundtrack for the working day. I’ve fallen into the habit of choosing @surreycricket commentary over TMS whenever there is a clash.

You can never have too much cricket on the radio (although I’m still feeling painfully sore about #t20BashFinals…)

I watched the ODI highlights in the evening, and then caught up with La Vueleta. I can't but help think that ITV aren't giving the grand treatment to the Grand Tour.

A weird end to the day playing some dancehall via youtube. Really no idea why, but it did cheer me up.

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