Oh my aching sides.

Ha, bloody ha.

The mystery pain down my left hand stomach has still to disappear. I tried sleeping on my right, my back, on top of Anna.

I still woke up feeling slightly wonky.

And of course the silly wonker then decided to got for a run first thing Monday morning. It was too wet to ride, even to swim.

The little trot was actually alright. The legs held up, the aching side gave me a little bit of grief when I was going down hill.

It was the perfect running weather once again - a slight breeze and drizzle. There’s not much else you can do in such conditions. Fishing maybe?

Thanks, but no thanks.

I had a bit of a Bank Holiday clearing of the decks, ahead of the work afternoon shifts.

I still can’t come up with a Twitter ‘strategy’ (ha!) that suits me. I work mainly off lists, rather than drowning out my timeline. But that’s not very social.

I started to scroll back at all my very kind followers. Many are dead accounts - dead in that they are in active, some dead as in folk are no longer with us.

I quite like the Twitter memorial that remains online.

It was also revealing how you could trace your own short bursts of life history through the users who follow you during a particular period.

As I scrolled down chronologically, I could see who started following me at a certain time, and then make the connection as to why this was.

It might have been a work moment, a social event I went to, or even a grand lifestyle change. Twitter is great at documenting these changes in your life.

Endless admin followed: insurance haggling, switching pension beneficiaries (ha!) and setting up new ftp clients (and trying to remember all the bloody pws…)

Work was wonderful.

Well I never.

There’s a certain smug feeling as a freelancer knowing that you are earning on a Bank Holiday Monday when it is absolutely pissing it down outside.

I rewarded myself by renewing my Surrey membership for next season.

C’mon the ‘rrey!

Booze, football etc finished off the day.

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