Cycling, Swimming, Cricket - Same as it Ever Was

And so T20 Finals Day is upon us.

Writing a diary blog at the end of each day kinda spoils the suspense of what is going to happen.

This didn’t end very well, did it?

Hey hoe.

We started off Saturday with a half-decent pre-Vuelta roll out. My bloody back was hurting first thing.


It’s always the best cure.

Anna took the tactical decision to ride the Abberton weekend ride in reverse.

I just LOVE a girl with a sense of rock ’n’ roll spontaneity.

It was actually really weird doing it all backwards. I took the wrong turning a couple of times, despite having ridden the route over fifty times in the past year alone.

Not a great speed. I was too busy observing the changing Essex landscape. A couple of pheasants flew out in front of me at one stage.

That’s not something you see back down in Sunny Stockwell.

There was an excess of other Essex early morning riders. It got to the stage at one point where cars weren’t the problem - it was the other riders clogging up the country lanes.

LOVE a bike snob.

I tried to change my climbing technique slightly. Rather than rely upon my calves, I tried using my the top half of my legs instead. I found that I had far more power, yet not so much control.

I reverted back to the old school technique for the final climb along Boundary Road. Anna dragged my body and bike all the way up to the top.

We stopped for a swim on the return back to base. Anna’s tumble turns were elegant, if a little egotistical.

I tried one and ended up with water up my nose.

And then it was all about Surrey over at Edgbaston. A brilliant innings from J-Roy wasn’t enough to see the ‘rrey through to the final.

I drowned my sorrows with some drunken gardening.

A spot of late afternoon work - needs must.

And then an early evening booze ’n’ food catch up with some friends was a fine finish to the day.

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