T20 Countdown

A Hi-NRG / low impact swim.

I totally get the Muscle Mary need to lift weights with a thumping cheesy 80's bass blasting out. But Evelyn Thomas and Hi-NRG in the pool?

I’ll bring some earbuds along for next time.

The conversation in the showers afterwards was also a little warped.

“I watched that Ben Affleck film last night.”

Any good?

“Not really. I prefer Bjorn Borg.”


I then towelled down my bits and pieces whilst another bather asked me:

“Do you remember that West Ham wanker?”

I innocently replied:

“Which one?”

More conversational twaddle continued back at base. I published Metroknobbers No.7 with @Darryl1974.

As ever, we’re getting there.

This is a ahem low budget, S Ldn punk rock DIY ethos of a production. I press record on the Skype package that I bought, and then we slowly work our way through a hastily assembled news list.

I loved Darryl’s scoop on the Royal Borough and a possible press pact with the South London Press. Careful who you sleep with, Comrades.

We bumbled our way over the allotted 30 minutes. No worries. No Editors, no subbing, just Tell It Like It Is.

The earlier Hi-NRG dropped down a few gears for the first work shifts of the morning. Late Junction has taken on something of a jazz slant of late.

I’m no big blowing fan. It all sounds rather painful at times. But when it’s performed in a softly, softly approach, it can be a great way to ease you into the working day.

Work was busy. No Funky Friday here.

I did get a chance to listen the ACE four-fer with Jackie Wilson though. I admit to some slight foot shuffling underneath the office desk.

A few modern interweb woes mid-afternoon. 4Uhosting, my lovely, lovely main hosting provider is rolling out PHP 5.4 as the native version. All was fine across my work and play sites, apart from the bloody Wivenhoe Forum.

A frantic five minutes or so with yer man @pmmikes, and then we resolved to jump ahead and roll out 5.5.

Wivenhoe Forum: ahead of the curve.

Well I never.

Anna and I caught the Sunny Colch Booze Train early evening. The Waiting Room was our destination for the start of the Real Ale Weekend Festival.

We don’t make it to the Waiting Room nearly as much as we should.

It was a lovely social occasion, and good to catch up with some decent friends.

No one sniggered at the braces.

T20 Blast Final Days tomorrow.

‘aint gonna sleep.

C’mon the ‘rrey!

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