Power Swim, Power Videos and Power Booze

I had another Hans Solo swimming lane to myself this morning. It was absolute bliss.

It may sound like holistic hippie shit, but I felt at one with the water as I cut through it with my strokes.

The pool was completely still. I managed to find the perfect depth in which to wade through the water. I had an incredibly powerful swim.

Not so for the Kneeling Man next door in the other lane. He wasn’t so much swimming, but kneeling down with his weird breaststroke technique.

What is it with the Badlands pool that seems to attract such a freaky display of swimming styles?

M’fargo blog has almost become an online diary of horror show swimming techniques. Betach some other Badland bloggers are bashing out the same bollocks about my perfectionist freestyle.

Back at base and I published a snap shot of some of the photographs I have been taking around the garden of late. It’s my favourite time of the year as the Indian Summer bloomers start to overtake the balmy Badlands mid-summer roots and shoots.

My next mid-morning move was to put in a little preparation and planning ahead of the new school term.

Steady the buffers - that almost sounds half-professional.

The plan is to streamline my various online processes and emerge with a leaner, meaner way of working.

Well, maybe not meaner in schools. That’s just not possible with so many lovely smiling kids around.

Essentially I’m looking at ditching my tools. I currently roam around schools with my iPad for audio, a flip cam for video, my fave F717 for images and then the chunky old MacBook for bashing out copy and putting it all together.

Plus my offline notepad for scribbles.

With the new MacBook Air [oooh] I have become conscience that my old methods and approaches were very much dated.

Which ‘aint great when you’re flogging yourself around South London schools as the 2.1 self-facilitating online media node.

And so I spent much of the morning thinking about my current practices, and how these can change.

It’s all comes down to the iPhone, innit?

I think that I’ve come up with a solution for my elongated video production (ha!) process. Previously I have been shooting an AVI file on the flip, importing this into the MacBook, importing that clip into a file conversion tool, seeing it emerge at the other end as a .mov file, dropping that into iMovie, adding in a top and tail of the school logo, exporting the final file to Vimeo and then embedding in the back end of each school site.


I think the above explanation tells you why I prefer working with the simplicity of @audioboo rather than video content.

Of course I’m well behind the tech here.

I’ve worked out that I can simply record a far higher quality clip on my iPhone, carry out a simple edit on the iPhone to add in some stills and titles, and then export directly from the phone to Vimeo.


The stumbling block was getting the school logos from iPhoto into my Camera Roll. It was relatively simple when I discovered how.

There was also an issue with multiple Vimeo / school accounts. The only way around this was to sign out and then back in again with the Vimeo app on my iPhone. A minor inconvenience.

The upshot is that I calculated what use to be a 15 minute turnaround for a MacBook video edit is now possible in under three minutes.

Every second counts when working in a school.

Or something.

I really shouldn’t let my tech skills stagnate for such a long period of time again.

@audioboo on the iPhone is great - no need to lug around the iPad. I think I’ll stick with the trusty F717 for snaps though.

Hopefully this process will also reduce my endless monthly stresses when it comes to the back ups of the back ups of the back ups.

Syncing the iPhone with my iMac will import all the content over, and then I will let Time Machine and my nightly Super Duper back up run in the background.

It all got me rather excited about the new school term ahead.

I hope that Boy Y appreciates all of this effort.

An afternoon of work shifts followed, and then a little audio editing for Metroknobbers from the night before.

Plus any fargo blog also appears incomplete these days unless I finish off with watching cricket, all being washed down with some booze.

Chin chin.

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