Trunks, Transpontine Podcasts and Cricket

Nu swimming trunks, same old body.


I'm actually amazed that my last pair of shreddies lasted so long. I bought them back in the summer of 2010, ahead of The Great Escape that was soon to become an even Greater Retreat.

Two for One; Will Swim, Have Trunks.

I'm sure I was making waves through the water at a greater pace some four summers ago.

Wednesday morning wasn't helped by the whirlpool. The roly poly ladies were doing their roly poly thing in the adjacent lane. There were only a dozen or so of the big boned aquatic Goddesses, but boy - they certainly do shift around a large mass of water.

At first I thought that it was just my slightly wonky swimming technique that was dragging me from left to right.

I then clocked a discarded plaster on the basin of the pool that was caught up in the mini-whirlpool.


Straight outta the pool and straight over to the M & S knitwear section.

Oh woe, what has become of me etc?

With the new term less than two weeks away, it was Back to School clothes shopping.

I had my collar felt by a very nice young man who confirmed my 15 and half inches masculinity. I politely declined the invitation of an inside leg measurement.

An afternoon and early evening of work shifts, and then it was time for #METROKNOBBERS with @darryl1974.

We're trying to keep these Transpontine podcasts to half an hour max. The trouble is that we both have an excess of content that we want to share each fortnight.

Darryl was on fine form. I was particularly impressed with his Greenwich / SLP scoop of a story. The best I could come up with was the continuing tale of the £15,000 Woman over in Knight's Hill.

Any ambition of editing and publishing the podcast was soon lost once the booze started to flow and the cricket was on Sky.

I love watching Notts.

Hometown team and all that, but any connection with the team has long since been lost. It's a relaxed way in which to enjoy the game, something that is now impossible to do when watching Surrey.

I do fear for my stress levels come T20 Finals Day on Saturday...

C'mon the 'rrey!

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