Tour de Norfolk, Stage 3

A hesitant roll out for the final stage of Le Tour de Norfolk. It was one of those mornings where one moment I was kitted out in lycra, the next and I was back in my civvies.

To ride or not to ride?

To rain or not to rain?

Fuck it.

I came here to ride, and so ride I will.

It is precisely this kind enthusiasm that enables me to wear my same wardrobe from over a decade ago. A wet bike is worth the sacrifice for a saved waistline and clothing budget.

It was a weird ride.

Not too far - 45km, down to somewhere instantly forgettable, and then a loop back up the other side.

I was one step behind the North Norfok micro showers that were hovering overhead.

I was riding on dry pavement, and then 100m down the road and there were puddles.

It meant that the bike got wet, even if I didn't.


Aren't all riders?

And so three days of riding and just under 200km. Happy with that.

I did something similar last year and took almost a week to revcover. Each of these rides for 2014 didn't quite push me hard enough.

I had a little extra to give, but the wet roads weren't up for receiving.

An afternoon coastline walk stretched out the remaining time, and then I headed for the train station early evening for a return to civilisation.

Of sorts.

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