I rolled out shortly after 8am, with a weather forecast that was about as dull as my surroundings.

Still - at least it won't rain, according to Mr iPhone Weather Man.


It was overcast but weridly warm as I clicked into the cleats. I have no idea where I was going. A 'roughly west' route of 60km was plotted into the Garmin.

And so another day, another dead rabbit along the country lanes.

About half an hour in and the North Norfolk skies began to bruise. It didn't look good to be honest.

I dropped down a gear and continued for another couple of minutes. My shelter from the storm was a roadside hedge. I've had better rest points.

This was proper rain - the wet variety, as @surreycricket would probably say. I hate it, especially so when I'm with my road bike.

I tried to calculate how long it would take for the rain to stop, and then the time allowed for the road surface to become dry once again.

It looked like the hedge and I were going to become pals for at least the next couple of hours.

I became caught up in an uncomfortable conversation with a passing Norfolk farmer out walking his dogs.

I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

I made the tacticial decision to ride off once again, wet roads et al.

It actually soon dried out, wherever 'it' was.

'It' was all remarkably similar to the Stage 1 route that I had completed on Saturday.

Not the fastest of times, but then you'll never know as Strava is still stuck trying to upload the data from yesterday's ride.

Back at base and I walked to Cromer in the afternoon in the company of the Coffee Ponce of South London.

Sadly yer man @1607WestEgg wasn't actually with me, but I had some catch up time with his ACE Resonance podcasts.

This is the most original radio that is around. There really isn't anything else like it right now. It's remarkable how Danny can keep a half hour monologue going with such extreme professionalism.

I turned around at Cromer, and then walked back to Sheringham with South London Hardcore on the headphones.

The wind picked up along the empty beach. I hit a particularly bleak sandstorm. It was like a a scene out of Star Wars, except set in North Norfolk.

You'd need subtitles for that.

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