An early morning roll out on the first stage of Le Tour de Norfolk. My Garmin was well prepared for a roughy triangular route taking the country lanes down to Norwich, cutting across to Gawd knows where, and then back up along towards the North Norfolk coastal road.

Matching up with the Garmin was the recording of the route on my iPhone using Strava.

I managed the 93km in just over four hours - trust me.

The drip drop feed of the modern interweb connection out in these hyper rural areas means that the bloody GPX is still trying to upload, some eight hours later.

The ride itself was fine. I suprised myself with both my bike and body.

My bodge it mechanical work on the frame the week before seems to be standing up. I had a little more left in the legs come the final sprint.

My feed was only two bananas and no gel bars. It sets me up well for Stage 2 tomorrow.

There wasn't much worth to report during the actual ride itself. The country lanes were full of posters advertising Status Quo in some local village hall, and then a roadside caravan with an advert for a local tax return company.

I'd probably trust them with turnips, but not my taxes.

My favourite roadside sign came into view in the final few kms:

Slow You Down.

I think that it was written in Norfolkese.

Luncheon, and then I went out for a coastal walk.

I deliberately didn't take my camera with me. I quite enjoyed the experience of walking, without any expectation to photograph everything.

You couldn't move for Forest tops around Sheringham town centre. Nottingham-on-Sea has got to be better than a mid-August away up at Bolton.

I did the charity shop run, forgetting that the quality of clothing on offer matches the quality of the town in which they are being sold.

I'll stick to the Pimlico shops in future.

I was asked by one old boy serving behing a counter:

"Would you like to sponsor me?"

What are you doing, I asked.

"I'm being buried in the sand."

Thanks, but not thanks fella.

I missed Bell End in the cricket, and then wished that I had made the 50 mile cycle ride down to to Leiston to watch Dulwich away.

An evening stretch, and then early to bed ahead of Stage 2 on Sunday.


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