Downpours, Prince and The 'Sex

Another cloudbusting start to the day. The intention was to go for an early swim, but the blobs of rain descended a little earlier than the BBC website had suggested.

Bugger it.

I’ve really been enjoying cycling on the road bike as my main ride of late whilst the MTB was being serviced. But have MTB, will travel.

I made the strategic decision to hit the Trail with Anna - a rarity in itself.

The cloudbusting soon turned to sunshine and my Putting the Lengths in mantra was vindicated.

The plodding up and down the pool itself was a little hit and miss. I was actually counting down the lengths, rather than my usual counting up.

There’s a subtle difference; one anticipates the end of the swim, the other looks ahead with anticipation as to what you can achieve.

Thirty lengths in and it all finally fell into place. I continued my experimentation with a variance on my stroke.

I’m not sure if I have the most majestic technique in the pool, or I simply look a ponce. I’ll stick with it for a while.

A morning gardening session followed, once again cloudbusting ahead of the very late BBC website expected downpour. Apples and passion fruit have started to appear. It makes a welcome change from the bloody raspberries.

I also cut down an overgrowing stem from the bamboo tree. In a masterstroke of sustainability twaddle, Anna immediatley went about converting it into a home made flute.

And then mid-morning was all about the arrival of the MacBook Air.


I haven’t had time to sit down and set it all up yet. I was too busy with the work shifts to pay for the bugger.

First thougts: it’s bloody small!

This is no bad thing. The main purpose is for working on the train during my back and forth Transpontine trips. It slips beautifully into the Brompton front bag.

It’s more of a netbook than a MacBook. I’m conidering taking it up to Norfolk for the weekend, if only the WiFi signal wasn’t so shite out in the sticks.

I hovered dangerously to entering another Prince period as the soundtrack for my work shifts. Once I get sucked in, I’m obsessive.

I started on Dirty Mind, and pulled out, so to speak just after Lovesexy.

I then went to wash my hands before firing up the MacBook Air.

We laughed at The 'Sex later in the evening and their absolute collapse against Notts at Lord's.

I may or may not have supported both of these teams at some stage in my cricketing bed-hopping back story...

Setting off on Le Tour de Norfolk tomorrow :blush:


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