Empty Lanes, Book Launches and Euro Pop

A rare Lone Lane Ranger experience for the morning swim. Never underestimate the selfishness of the early morning swimmer.

I had the whole stretch of the fast lane to myself. I made the most of it by experimenting with my style.

The straight form of the body impacting the water horizontally has been refined. I’ve developed something of a rolling action of late.

It appears to speed up my lengths. It also takes up twice the space.

Straight outta the pool, and straight round to Mr Boom’s for a book launch.


Not quite, but we had a bit of an informal meeting about possible future plans.

The conversation was great, and so was Mr Boom’s garden. I left just over an hour or so later with definite green finger envy.


We rounded off the day watching the Essex Slappers.

I’m really enjoying the current reincarnation of the Sunday League / Pro 40 / London Cup whatever it is being sold as this season.

Fifty overs is PROPER short form cricket. You can dip in and out of a match, yet still feel involved.

I had various work shifts as the Slappers went into a mini-collapse, yet still managed to pick up the pieces when the work tools were finally downed for the evening.

A brief flirtation with some boozed up youtube Europop viewing is going to give me nightmares. The plan is for a pan-European approach to the Dulwich Hamlet songbook.

You try transporting Tarzan Boy down to Transpontonia.

Gegen recht, etc Comrades.

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